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[Declined] Skeezz-Havoc DH

2 weeks 5 days ago - 2 weeks 4 days ago #1 by Skeezz
Personal information
Real name: Andrej

BattleTag: UnoLinea#1476

Age: 19( soon 20 )

Location: Belgrade-Serbia

Tell us a bit about yourself (eg. what do you do for a living?): Hello everyone! Atm im a student within private IT Firm called " ComTrade" and on weekends i work within a small Pc repair shop close to my home.

We use teamspeak 3 for voice communication. Do you have a microphone and are you able to use it? Yes,ofc,Discord/TS3 you name it,i have it!

Character information
Character name and Armory link (including any currently played alts):
Skeezz-Draenor / www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/draenor/Skeezz
Main spec:
An in combat screenshot of your User Interface with visible keybindings:
Link any logs to demonstrate your ability (it's very unlikely for us to accept an application with no logs):
www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/22337964 If needed,im willing to explain the reasoning behind every log.
Please explain your stat priority:
1.Versatility; More % dmg done/% less dmg taken
2.Critical Strike = Haste; Crit-Based on % and rng you can fill in more annihilations in meta window/Haste- - gcd
3.Agility; Baste dmg atribute
4.Mastery. S H I T for HAVOC
Please explain what talents you're using and in what situations you use each (single target, cleave, aoe etc.):
Demonic - ( 1-3-1-0-2-1/2-1) - Most optimal dmg output in all encounters and highest simming one.
FB-DB- This build is very present on Mekkgay fight-Just becasue with x2+gaze and boon you can maximize spamming chaos strike-annihlation and push the boss fast.
Fel Barrage Build-Mostly on Opulance and that is if guild allows taking Opal instead of red gem,and thats is just staright up padding nothing else.
What trinkets are you currently using in each situation and why?:
On every boss fight, im using Razor claw/Yu'lon trinket-just because it sims the highest for me.
Except i might switch to Boon on Opulence if im allowed to take Opal
Where do you go to improve your knowledge about your class?:
Logs/Vids/Stream are very usefull but most of my knowldege comes from class discord.
Raiding information
Have you got any commitments that might cause you to miss raids (e.g. irregular work schedule):
Furthermore are there any upcoming events that will limit your availability:
A detailed summary of your PvE experience since Mists of Pandaria (Only include content cleared while it was current and what character you played at the time):
I started raiding in Legion,after years of sitting on private realms( i was poor as fuck yes ).
And since i was "Fresh" in Legion i could not reach high ranks very fast.
EN- Full Mythic Clear
ToV- 3/3 Mythic
NH- Mythic up to Gul'dan ( then we had guild disband )
ToS- Mythic Up to KJ then we had a guild disband
ATBT- 11/11 Mythic
Former guild(s) and why you decided to leave:
Out of respect to the representatives of the guilds that i was apart of,i will make it short and say following.
We had great plans and at some point our "vision" of how we wanted to progress didnt match at all and i've decided to find myself a new home.
I will make an exception when it comes to the last guild.
Up untill Mekka we were so promising,low pull count,fast re-clears etc,and it just all fell apart. And because of that we had to cancel some of our raids,and its not going as planned :(
Why do you want to join us?:
I just wanna be surrounded with far more focused ppl then i currently am and im looking to improve myself as a player and become a great multi class player,and not just being stuck with 1 class and making a name for myself.
Why should we pick you?:
Im always 100% focused,im always there on time and i can provide alot of info based on all aspects in WoW.Im very social person and i make friends very easily.
What do you expect from us?:
Serious raid enviroment,and like minded peeps inside the guild.
Anything else you would like to add to make your application stand out (accomplishments in other games etc)?:
This is not relevant as much but i can add it.
I was Diamond 2 player for 2-3 seasons when League was lit game and it was very hyped.
I was multi Global Elite in CSGO and i had my faceit rank popping off,and so as ESEA.
Keep in mind that your application is our first impression of you. Are you happy with the image it gives us of you?:
Im very proud of the stuff i wrote in here.
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2 weeks 4 days ago #2 by Alor
Thanks for taking the time to apply, but unfortunately your logs aren't quite up to the quality we're looking for in new applicants.

Best of luck in the future,

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