Wiping As Intended

Our Goals

Our goals are to be a stable, progressive and proficient guild, who are capable of clearing the content Blizzard has to offer within our relatively relaxed raiding schedule, but before the content receives severe nerfs. Therefore we expect our raiders to possess a high standard of performance, attendance, and a strong focus together with a passion for teamwork.

Raiding Schedule

During progress we raid 4 days a week (we never add unscheduled raid days) *:

  • Monday: 19:45 - 23:00
  • Wednesday: 19:45 - 23:00
  • Friday: 19:45 - 00:00 (Raid time will most likely be extended on this day)
  • Sunday: 19:45 - 23:00

We expect recruits to attend all beta testing that lands within these hours, with optional testing on other days. When content is on farm, you can expect a much more relaxed schedule, raiding only 1 or 2 of the above days.

* Due to significant interest, we are raiding the Thursday (19:45 - 23:00) of the very first week of mythic.

Application Process

On farm we review applications in depth every Wednesday, so please expect a reply then. We reply to all applications

If we are satisfied with your application we will invite you for a TeamSpeak interview, after which we will make a decision, whether we will offer you a trial spot. The trial period normally lasts for about four weeks with the option of being extended. During the trial you will be evaluated on your performance in raids, and your general contribution to the guild as a whole. We are very specific about who we recruit, and we are only interested in players that will help the guild progress and develop.

What We Expect of You

Attendance: We keep a reasonably tight raid roster and expect all raiders to keep high attendance. There is not a large number of backup raiders. We prefer a smaller committed raid group and don't recruit people to sit outside.

Dedication: You must have a positive and passionate attitude towards raiding, and even more so with progression raiding. You should have a competitive nature seeking to maximise your classes full potential, using the most optimal talent setup and stat priority for a given boss. Being able to help develop strategies and theorycraft is very important to us. You are also expected to be able to accept and learn from constructive criticism in order to maximise your performance in raids.

Connection and communication: Having a stable internet connection is extremely important. Having lag spikes is unhelpful and detrimental to the outcome of raids. Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone are required. Being able to communicate information effectively in english and knowing when to keep quiet is very important.

Alts: Every raider is expected to have one alt ready for split raiding. If a raider wants, this alt can also be a main alt, meaning that it will be geared for and may be used in progression.


To apply, simply fill out the form linked below: